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Jun. 9th, 2010

iPsycho picspam

This is mostly Sam/Freddie captures. I captured the HD version of this episode from itunes. Click on picture for full size. If that doesn't work then right click, view image.

Freddie is impressed with his pictures, the girls and Spencer are not.

They poke fun at him and actually stops when he says "okay enough". I was surprised by that...

Sam knows how many times Freddie has to call his mom. I loved her tone of voice when she was guessing.

"I found a girlfriend for Freddie", love the way she says this line! Cracks me up every time!

Freddie is not amused but continues to let Sam bask in her moment eating her turkey leg.

Woohoo! Here we go again with Seddie in unison. They also do it again when Carly says they should go to the party, it's pretty quick though.

"That girl has a sad life"-Carly
"So does Freddie, we can't fix the world!"-Sam
Laying it on a little to thick there Sam, Freddie is upset with you.

Freddie's head was already turned before Sam responded which means he expected what Sam's response would be to the chocolate fountain.

Woot eye contact, Sam thinks there was nothing wrong with her comment, Freddie disagrees.

"You are so your mother." -Carly
"Don't be vicious." - Freddie        Just thought this moment was both cute and funny.

Sam is no longer on the chocolate fountain high and is dreading the party, Freddie gives her that look. haha

Oh Freddie, lighten up! Sam's just saying what you're all thinking!

Sam knows what Nora wants and her night has now been made.

No Freddie, Sam will not help you, she is too busy dying with laughter inside.

This bit with Sam wanting to go back to the hotel amused me, I loved that she called him "this one"...I don't know why I just do!

"You already missed the clown" Too soon Sam! Too soon!

Maurice is adorable. Sam is giving him root beer and he is actually drinking it.

Sam waves goodbye to people in an odd way.

"I could've said Uranus" then why didn't you? Don't sensor yourself!

The only time Sam ever bonds with Nora and it's over fat cakes.

Sam snaps her fingers to get Freddie's attention.

Maurice is sleeping for most of the episode and he is adorable.

Sam is enjoying this a little too much! Is it because you get to touch his hair Sam? ;)

He's been watching her eat for ten minutes.

Sam calls Freddie a duck bone and he is not sure how to respond to that, is that because he notices she is still chewing on it? ;)

Maurice is too cute to eat, Sam!


nighty-night crazy!


well this is normal.

"She'll have plenty of friends in prison."- Sam
"Well yeah but those aren't quality friends." -Carly

That comment leads to Sam's face looking like that. She's probably thinking "Wait a minute, I've been in juvie, I just was in juvie..."

Feb. 9th, 2008

I told you I was bad at updating...

 I suck at updating this, I knew that would happen to.

 Anyway I took this survey on then.com and it came up with this...

 I think it's pretty accurate!

 So lately I haven't done much. I've been keeping busy with Dasey.

 I made two videos so far, my first was a Dark Dasey and then I did a light-hearted fun one..

 I saw "Fool's Gold" the other day with some friends, I could defiantly sense the Derek/Casey type relationship they had. Kate Hudson's character didn't want to be with Finn anymore because she thought he was holding her back from achieving something better for her life. As much as she knows she shouldn't be with him, she can't keep away from him.  He always saw her as the brains of the operation and he was there to help. Is that Dasey or what?

Jan. 17th, 2008


Hey guys,

 My name is Amy and well...this is my livejournal. lol.
Who knows who will read this, maybe when a few more friends are added....but anyway.

I'm just getting use to the idea of using this livejournal. Granted I have had this account for over a year (or what feels like it) and have never posted anything on it.  A little background information on me is that I'm 17, a junior in high school (who can't wait to graduate), and I love going to the movies.

 So really if you are interested in anything I have stated such as Disney Channel, Life with Derek, Phil of the Future, directing, watching tv, etc then feel free to add me as a friend. Don't worry I won't bite.

 I'll update sometime later when I have something else more interesting to say! Just thought I should have a little introduction entry first!


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